Why do I pitch my GDPR and compliance services full square at 3rd Sector organisations and SMEs? 
Because they are the sectors with the fewest resources including time, to learn, understand and apply GDPR, DPA18, PECR and associated legislation within their businesses.  
You set your business up to follow your own dream, and I know that your dream isn’t GDPR! 
What if I told you that I love the subject, and my favourite clients are the people itching to do things right, but aren’t sure how to? 
By GCA Ltd you have an extra pair of hands and an external pair of eyes for you to rely on. From overseeing processing and providing day to day advice, to document review and uplift, data mapping and fundraising/marketing compliance advice right the way through to DPIA and breach notification to the ICO. 
Many, if not most, of the common mistakes made in the 3rd sector and by SMEs can be rectified easily and quickly. For instance, of the six lawful bases available for processing personal data, Consent is never appropriate for HR data. If you have an online shop, you may be confused about marketing and soft opt in (the pre-ticked box is perfectly OK in some circumstances). It may be thought that there is a legal obligation to collect emergency contact details for staff and volunteers (there isn’t), or that it’s OK to ask staff to complete detailed and invasive medical questionnaires and hold them on file ‘just in case’ (really, I beg of you – don’t do this). 
These are just a few of the common mistakes I see on a regular basis, but with me by your side, you can be confident you won’t make them. 
What you get when you engage me is someone that will put their heart and soul into looking after you, your staff, your customers and your business, just like you look after your own customers. I will have your back and help you every inch of the way. 
Apart from anything else, I will save you time and money as well as reducing your risk by keeping you on the straight and narrow – all whilst we have your goals in mind. 
SMEs, charities – get in touch today, add a bit of Data Protection into your financial planning, and let’s do this together. 
Questions about this post, or any GCA service? Please do contact us if we can help. 
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