These are recent testimonials from our customers. 
Suze is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable Data Protection and Compliance professional with a deep understanding of audit and risk. She is extremely well versed on GDPR and is able to provide sound advice on how to address compliance gaps. She is also a good listener and trainer, and excels at providing advice to various types of organisations. Suze takes her self development very seriously and is always looking to learn and grow. Having worked closely with Suze on a recent project I can comfortably recommend her as an integral and essential asset to any project or team that requires guidance, support and/or advice on Compliance, Governance and Risk related topics. - Neil A 
"It was brilliant, Suze, and much appreciated! You actually made it sound more interesting than other GDPR people I have met. I also think the transparency over GDPR that you recommend and being clear and open, is actually an ideal way to be in every area / communication related to business. - From Facebook. 
As a small business, the minefield of the new GDPR was mind-blowing- it is not possible without good knowledge to navigate the minefield of the new legislation but Suze from Garden City Assurance ltd gave me great help and support which was invaluable in making sure I complied with the new regulations and felt happy about the measures that I put in place. Don't bury your head in the sand get her professional help!. - Donna S. 
Suze has a great attitude and always gives 110%, she has never shied away from putting in the extra effort and has definitely paid off not only for her job satisfaction but for all customers as well. She was a pleasure to work with and would recommend her anytime. - Gordon D 
Bedford Osteopathic Practice had some fantastic support and help from Garden City Assurance Ltd regarding DPIA, record management, and risk assessment in relation to GDPR. Was very appreciated in a world that's totally alien to me. Suze made this both understandable and do-able. I would highly recommend GCA Ltd. - Jo H 
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